Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1H20 vs 1H19

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1H20 vs 1H19
updated : 05 Aug 2020

• BBCA Rp12.2t vs Rp12.9t
• BNGA Rp1.74t vs Rp1.98t
• NISP Rp1.56t vs Rp1.53t
• PNBN Rp1.29t vs Rp1.59t
• BTPN Rp1.12t vs Rp1.23t
• BDMN Rp892m vs Rp1.91t
• BNII Rp809m vs Rp757m
• BJBR Rp807m vs Rp799m
• PNLF Rp797m vs Rp939m
• BJTM Rp770m vs Rp816m
• BBTN Rp767m vs Rp1.31t
• ADMF Rp597m vs Rp949m
• BTPS Rp407m vs Rp609m
• PNIN Rp349m vs Rp689m
• BFIN Rp332m vs Rp690m
• BBKP Rp54.1m vs Rp120m
• MCOR Rp31.3m vs Rp19.8m
• PNBS Rp1.57m vs Rp5.11m

• TOWR Rp1.27t vs Rp1.32t
• MNCN Rp956m vs Rp1.16t
• BMTR Rp552m vs Rp597m
• TBIG Rp510m vs Rp382m
• SCMA Rp601m vs Rp782m
• MTDL Rp156m vs Rp152m
• MLPT Rp80.2m vs Rp52.1m
• BALI Rp31.2m vs Rp24.5m
• ASGR Rp20.9m vs Rp56.8m
• KREN -Rp24.9m vs Rp143m
• FILM -Rp33.6m vs Rp21.1m
• EMTK -Rp210m vs -Rp954m
• ISAT -Rp341m vs -Rp332m
• FREN -Rp1.22t vs -Rp1.07t

• HMSP Rp4.89t vs Rp6.77t
• GGRM Rp3.82t vs Rp4.28t
• UNVR Rp3.62t vs Rp3.69t
• ICBP Rp3.38t vs Rp2.57t
• INDF Rp2.84t vs Rp2.54t
• KLBF Rp1.39t vs Rp1.26t
• MYOR Rp938m vs Rp807m
• ULTJ Rp555m vs Rp508m
• SIDO Rp414m vs Rp374m
• TSPC Rp371m vs Rp331m
• DVLA Rp139m vs Rp114m
• KINO Rp119m vs Rp365m
• ROTI Rp91.4m vs Rp101m
• CLEO Rp64.7m vs Rp63.9m
• MLBI Rp63.1m vs Rp486m
• KAEF Rp48.6m vs Rp47.7m
• WIIM Rp43.6m vs Rp8.55m
• ADES Rp39.9m vs Rp30.6m
• DLTA Rp34.7m vs Rp141m
• MERK Rp32.1m vs Rp6.12m
• HOKI Rp23.9m vs Rp56.4m
• CAMP Rp14.9m vs Rp31.7m
• FOOD -Rp1.57m vs Rp489jt

• AMRT Rp493m vs Rp400m
• ACES Rp360m vs Rp473m
• ERAA Rp113m vs Rp109m
• MIDI Rp103m vs Rp89.0m
• RANC Rp52.5m vs Rp24.7m
• DNET Rp32.3m vs Rp204m
• CSAP Rp31.4m vs Rp17.6m
• DUCK Rp26.8m vs Rp92.6m
• ECII Rp13.3m vs Rp33.4m
• PZZA Rp10.5m vs Rp99.6m
• RALS Rp5.36m vs Rp589m
• MAPB -Rp115m vs Rp57.8m
• HERO -Rp202m vs Rp7.90m
• MPPA -Rp219m vs -Rp187m
• LPPF -Rp358m vs Rp1.16t
• MAPI -Rp408m vs Rp499m
• MLPL -Rp570m vs Rp7.11m

• PWON Rp482m vs Rp1.36t
• LPCK Rp400m vs Rp210m
• CTRA Rp169m vs Rp296m
• DUTI Rp157m vs Rp479m
• ARNA Rp121m vs Rp102m
• DILD Rp89.7m vs Rp9.36m
• DMAS Rp78.9m vs Rp626m
• PPRO Rp51.4m vs Rp158m
• SMRA Rp10.2m vs Rp149m
• APLN -Rp3.00m vs Rp143m
• BEST -Rp37.2m vs Rp114m
• KIJA -Rp84.2m vs Rp52.2m
• BSDE -Rp89.3m vs Rp2.09t
• SSIA -Rp123m vs -Rp33.8m
• PJAA -Rp146m vs Rp71.2m
• LPKR -Rp1.25t vs -Rp1.45t

• TOTL Rp50.3m vs Rp106m
• NRCA Rp43.1m vs Rp74.1m
• PPRE Rp18.8m vs Rp159m
• PTPP Rp15.9m vs Rp344m
• ADHI Rp11.3m vs Rp215m
• WSBP Rp5.18m vs Rp104m
• IDPR -Rp126m vs Rp67.4m
• ACST -Rp252m vs -Rp404m

• SMGR Rp612m vs Rp485m
• INTP Rp470m vs Rp640m
• AKRA Rp431m vs Rp391m
• BUKK Rp229m vs Rp259m
• JSMR Rp106m vs Rp1.06t
• SMCB Rp82.1m vs -Rp279m
• IPCM Rp54.1m vs Rp49.9m
• META Rp36.9m vs Rp92.9m
• BNBR -Rp125m vs Rp223m
• SMBR -Rp138m vs Rp7.56m

• ASII Rp11.4t vs Rp9.80t
• UNTR Rp4.06t vs Rp5.66t
• SMSM Rp203m vs Rp234m
• KOBX -$4.04jt vs $1.04jt
• INTA -Rp96.8m vs -Rp52.5m
• GJTL -Rp141m vs Rp164m
• AUTO -Rp296m vs Rp246m
• IMAS -Rp347m vs Rp463m

• INKP $203jt vs $147jt
• TKIM $89.6jt vs $105jt
• SRIL $49.8jt vs $63.2jt
• KRAS $4.51jt vs -$135jt
• MARK Rp51.7m vs Rp45.1m
• AGII Rp16.7m vs Rp44.0m
• JECC Rp2.66m vs Rp45.1m
• ISSP Rp2.63m vs Rp52.4m
• NIKL $290rb vs $2.41jt
• KBLI -Rp89.8m vs Rp177m
• ESSA -$6.77jt vs $4.23jt
• BRPT -$8.88jt vs $10.9jt
• TPIA -$29.8jt vs $32.9jt

• BULL $31.6jt vs $8.52jt
• MIKA Rp289m vs Rp359m
• HEAL Rp104m vs Rp125m
• SMDR $4.92jt vs -$21.9jt
• BLTA $2.36jt vs $698rb
• SOCI $2.04jt vs $9.98jt
• PRDA -Rp12.1m vs Rp81.7m
• IMJS -Rp13.1m vs Rp106m
• BIRD -Rp93.7m vs Rp158m
• BLTZ -Rp185m vs Rp41.1m
• SILO -Rp129m vs Rp4.89m
• GMFI -$99.3jt vs $7.15jt
• GIAA -$713jt vs $24.1jt

• BYAN $69.2jt vs $179jt
• INCO $53.1jt vs -$26.2jt
• HRUM $21.9jt vs $12.7jt
• ELSA Rp130m vs Rp155m
• ANTM Rp84.7m vs Rp428m
• ZINC Rp41.9m vs Rp113m
• FIRE Rp5.96m vs Rp8.63m
• KKGI -$826rb vs $2.28jt
• DKFT -Rp85.1m vs Rp38.9m
• DOID -$7.86jt vs $4.07jt
• TINS -Rp390m vs Rp205m

• CPIN Rp1.65t vs Rp1.73t
• AALI Rp392m vs Rp43.7m
• TBLA Rp321m vs Rp359m
• JPFA Rp155m vs Rp829m
• LSIP Rp91.9m vs Rp10.5m
• SIPD Rp10.4m vs Rp31.0m
• DSFI -Rp8.07m vs Rp7.29m
• MAIN -Rp44.2m vs Rp146m
• SIMP -Rp301m vs -Rp310m
• BWPT -Rp417m vs -Rp491m

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