Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 9M14 vs 9M13:

Bank & Finance

• BBRI Rp18,16t vs Rp15,44t
• BMRI Rp14,45t vs Rp12,80t
• BBCA Rp12,2t vs Rp10,4t
• BBNI Rp7,61m vs Rp6,53m
• BNGA Rp2,29t vs Rp3,21t
• PNBN Rp2,03t vs Rp1,77t
• BTPN Rp1,42t vs Rp1,67t
• BBTN Rp0,75t vs Rp1,06t
• BJBR Rp0,71t vs Rp1,09t
• BJTM Rp743m vs Rp681m
• BBKP Rp675m vs Rp734m
• BNII Rp0,34t vs Rp1,09t
• BABP -Rp19,65m vs Rp3,43m
• PNLF Rp1,09t vs Rp0,91t
• CFIN Rp307m vs Rp296m
• TURI Rp187m vs Rp223m

Infrastructure Related

• SMGR Rp4,09t vs Rp3,90t
• INTP Rp3,72t vs Rp3,61t
• JSMR Rp1,14t vs Rp1,02t
• SMCB Rp569m vs Rp599m
• SMBR Rp220m vs Rp202m
• META Rp80,2m vs Rp33,9m


• WIKA Rp401m vs Rp390m
• CMNP Rp322m vs Rp317m
• PTPP Rp290m vs Rp218m
• WTON Rp223m vs Rp194m
• NRCA Rp207m vs Rp163m
• WSKT Rp129m vs Rp118m
• TOTL Rp118m vs Rp151m
• ADHI Rp101m vs Rp179m
• ACST Rp69,1m vs Rp46,9m
• DGIK Rp54,6m vs Rp46,5m

Property & Related

• BSDE Rp3,21t vs Rp2,15t
• PWON Rp1,31t vs Rp0,89t
• LPKR Rp1,05t vs Rp0,91t
• SMRA Rp883m vs Rp879m
• CTRA Rp882m vs Rp703m
• LPCK Rp680m vs Rp422m
• APLN Rp506m vs Rp597m
• MDLN Rp538m vs Rp722m
• DUTI Rp478m vs Rp563m
• KIJA Rp392m vs Rp89m
• CTRS Rp380m vs Rp281m
• DILD Rp300m vs Rp209m
• CTRP Rp228m vs Rp344m
• SSIA Rp228m vs Rp486m
• ELTY Rp210m vs Rp757m
• MTLA Rp184m vs Rp165m
• KPIG Rp142m vs Rp386m
• PJAA Rp92,6m vs Rp91,8m
• BKSL Rp23m vs Rp751m
• COWL Rp15,0m vs Rp34,8m
• LCGP -Rp4,41m vs Rp0,49m

Consumer Related

• HMSP Rp7,65t vs Rp7,55t
• GGRM Rp4,04t vs Rp3,24t
• INDF Rp3,03t vs Rp1,92t
• ICBP Rp2,07t vs Rp1,85t
• KLBF Rp1,48t vs Rp1,36t
• TSPC Rp547m vs Rp575m
• SIDO Rp314m vs Rp303m
• MYOR Rp249m vs Rp761m
• ULTJ Rp206m vs Rp278m
• ROTI Rp132m vs Rp90,8m
• KAEF Rp143m vs Rp121m
• INAF -Rp35,7m vs -Rp61,2m
• WIIM Rp80,0m vs Rp110,8m


• LPPF Rp1,06t vs Rp0,89t
• ACES Rp375m vs Rp318m
• MPPA Rp354m vs Rp321m
• RALS Rp339m vs Rp344m
• AMRT Rp322m vs Rp345m
• TRIO Rp196m vs Rp379m
• ERAA Rp181m vs Rp238m
• MAPI Rp111m vs Rp227m
• ECII Rp93,5m vs Rp95,6m
• CSAP Rp70,3m vs Rp40,0m
• MIDI Rp51,2m vs Rp32,4m
• RANC Rp12,8m vs Rp27,3m

Automotive Related

• ASII Rp14,5t vs Rp13,5t
• IMAS -Rp180m vs Rp568m
• UNTR Rp4,77t vs Rp3,38t
• HEXA $7,75jt vs $12,17jt
• AUTO Rp643m vs Rp638m
• GJTL Rp225m vs Rp205m
• MASA $1,23jt vs $1,27jt
• KOBX $100rb vs $105rb

Energy, Mining & Related

• PGAS $592jt vs $642jt
• ADRO $220jt vs $316jt
• PTBA Rp1,58t vs Rp1,24t
• INCO $130jt vs $47jt
• TINS Rp328m vs Rp141m
• ELSA Rp288m vs Rp118m
• MYOH Rp215m vs Rp136m
• ENRG $40,1jt vs $203jt
• HRUM $19,1jt vs $36,3jt
• DOID $16.7jt vs -$13.3jt
• MEDC $9,51jt vs $10,00jt
• MITI Rp43,2m vs Rp14,7m
• RUIS Rp26,2m vs Rp21,2m
• PTRO $3,12jt vs $16,53jt
• SUGI $1,77jt vs -$9,00jt
• DKFT -Rp20,9m vs Rp266m
• GTBO -$3,06jt vs -$2,86jt
• INDY -$9,69jt vs -$15,57jt
• BYAN -$23,3jt vs -$25,0jt
• ANTM -Rp564m vs Rp348m
• BORN -$170jt vs -$111jt

Agriculture, Poultry & Related

• AALI Rp1,88t vs Rp0,91t
• CPIN Rp1,71t vs Rp2,20t
• SMAR Rp1,20t vs Rp0,86t
• LSIP Rp698m vs Rp443m
• SIMP Rp557m vs Rp171m
• JPFA Rp327m vs Rp767m
• TBLA Rp325m vs Rp73m
• SGRO Rp311m vs Rp30m
• BISI Rp89,7m vs Rp113m
• GZCO Rp26,7m vs Rp15,8m
• MAIN Rp18m vs Rp242m
• UNSP -Rp70,7m vs -Rp793m

Telco, Media & Tech Related

• TLKM Rp11,45t vs Rp11,06t
• EXCL -Rp901m vs Rp917m
• MNCN Rp1,39t vs Rp1,27t
• SCMA Rp1,10t vs Rp0,97t
• MDIA Rp256m vs Rp89m
• ASGR Rp174m vs Rp131m
• VIVA Rp111m vs Rp29m
• MTDL Rp108m vs Rp74m
• MLPT Rp42,9m vs Rp32,5m
• MSKY -Rp28,0m vs -Rp223m
• CENT -Rp31m vs -Rp0,34m
• FREN -Rp0,94t vs -Rp1,54t

Transportation, Distribution

• AKRA Rp578m vs Rp525m
• WINS $17,9jt vs Rp18,8jt
• SMDR $12,8jt vs $0,02jt
• TMAS Rp136m vs Rp9m
• TAXI Rp109m vs Rp95m
• APOL Rp69m vs -Rp582m
• TRAM $4,54jt vs $8,87jt
• HITS $1,59jt vs $2,74jt
• LRNA Rp1,98m vs n/a
• IATA -$2,03jt vs -$3,25jt


• INKP $87,8jt vs $144,8jt
• TKIM $18,9jt vs $17,0jt
• ISSP Rp176m vs Rp143m
• LTLS Rp148m vs Rp52m
• KRAS -$117jt vs -$10jt


• SRTG Rp762m vs -Rp91m
• BMTR Rp690m vs Rp632m
• SRIL Rp265m vs Rp250m
• DNET Rp232m vs Rp86m
• BHIT Rp219m vs Rp26m
• DYAN Rp25m vs Rp35m
• DSFI Rp5,05m vs Rp6,28m
• SAME Rp41,9m vs Rp30,6m
• SILO Rp54,3m vs Rp20,1m
• RAJA $6,10jt vs $4,90jt
• BLTZ -Rp33,3m vs -Rp3,7m

Emiten yg mengajukan audit dan ‘limited review’ (rilis lapkeu mundur):


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