Rekap Laba (Rugi) Emiten 1H14 vs 1H13 per 24 Juli 2014:

Rekap Laba (Rugi) Emiten 1H14 vs 1H13 per 24 Juli 2014:

»» Bank

• BBRI Rp11,7t vs Rp10,1t • BBCA Rp7,85t vs Rp6,32t • BBTN Rp539m vs Rp673m • BDMN Rp1,49t vs Rp1,98t • BTPN Rp996m vs Rp1,10t • BJBR Rp478m vs Rp747m • BNGA Rp1,95t vs Rp2,13t • BNLI Rp800m vs Rp818m • BVIC Rp95,8m vs Rp139m • AGRO Rp30,2m vs Rp24,6m

»» Infrastructure Related • JSMR Rp811m vs Rp761m • CMNP Rp206m vs Rp204m

»» Cement • SMGR Rp2,82t vs Rp2,58t • SMBR Rp123m vs Rp122m

»» Construction • ADHI Rp59,9m vs Rp68,4m • WTON Rp172m vs Rp136m • TOTL Rp69m vs Rp111m • DGIK Rp45m vs Rp37m • BTON Rp2,9m vs Rp8,9m • PTPP Rp147m vs Rp143m • NRCA Rp149m vs Rp91m

»» Property & Related • SMRA Rp542m vs Rp611m • BSDE Rp2,56t vs Rp1,53t • PWON Rp906m vs Rp665m • DILD Rp199m vs Rp140m • APLN Rp355m vs Rp447m • PUDP Rp7,58m vs Rp10,2m • PJAA Rp72,8m vs Rp70,5m • DUTI Rp394m vs Rp289m • GPRA -Rp14,6m vs -Rp11,5m • GWSA Rp111m vs Rp78m • BEST Rp125m vs Rp263m • KOIN Rp13m vs Rp16m • ARNA Rp148m vs Rp134m

»» Consumer Related • SIDO Rp325m vs Rp174m • KAEF Rp70,6m vs Rp42,8m • INAF -Rp50,9m vs -Rp9,3m • MRAT Rp3,2m vs Rp10,4m • TCID Rp94,4m vs Rp78,1m • STTP Rp74,6m vs Rp64,3m

»» Retail

»» Automotive Related • HEXA $4.46jt vs $8.88jt • AUTO Rp454m vs Rp511m • GDYR $0.28jt vs $5.69jt

»» Energy, Mining & Related • PTBA Rp1,15t vs Rp870m • TINS Rp202,7m vs Rp137m • KKGI $6.6jt vs $10.8jt • MYOH Rp141m vs Rp86,8m • MITI Rp4,68m vs Rp13,0m • ELSA Rp178,3m vs Rp83,3m • OKAS $0.52jt vs $0.19jt

»» Plantation • AALI Rp1,37t vs Rp717m • SGRO Rp186m vs Rp27m • JAWA Rp68,9m vs Rp51,1m

»» Telco, Media & Tech Related • TLKM Rp7,41t vs Rp7,12t • SCMA Rp815m vs Rp632m • ASGR Rp109m vs Rp71,7m • MTDL Rp112m vs Rp77m

»» Transportation, Distribution • GIAA -$212jt vs -$10,9jt • MIRA -Rp0,20m vs Rp1,39m • AKRA Rp376m vs Rp351m • LRNA Rp1,89m vs Rp?

»» Textile & Garment • ERTX $1.01jt vs -$0.29jt • ESTI -$2.23jt vs $0.38jt • RICY Rp14.2m vs Rp8.4m Sent from my BlackBerry® powered by Sinyal Kuat INDOSAT

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