Rekap Laba (Rugi) Bersih Emiten 9M15 vs 9M14:

Rekap Laba (Rugi) Bersih Emiten 9M15 vs 9M14:
By: Krisna (YJ)


• UNTR Rp5.57t vs Rp4.78t
• KAEF Rp163m vs Rp144m
• MIDI Rp53.1m vs Rp51.2m
• MYOH $20.18jt vs $18.33jt
• BTON Rp11.5m vs Rp5.1m
• TCID Rp455m vs Rp151m
• PYFA Rp718jt vs Rp426jt
• DVLA Rp97.7m vs Rp77.8m
• MYOR Rp869m vs Rp249m
• AKRA Rp845m vs Rp578m
• TURI Rp199m vs Rp187m
• BJBR Rp861m vs Rp714m
• BBKP Rp795m vs Rp675m
• PSAB $29.07jt vs $12.14jt
• BBCA Rp13.4t vs Rp12.2t
• TLKM Rp11.5t vs Rp11.3t
• DSFI Rp10.06m vs Rp5.21m
• SIDO Rp326m vs Rp314m
• UNVR Rp4.18t vs Rp4.05t
• LPPF Rp1.38t vs Rp1.06t
• WSKT Rp400m vs Rp129m
• SMBR Rp265m vs Rp221m
• BBTN Rp1.22t vs Rp755m
• NISP Rp1.06t vs Rp942m
• AGRO Rp53.04m vs Rp41.24m
• PTPP Rp370m vs Rp290m
• INCI Rp19.6m vs Rp6.6m
• TMAS Rp231m vs Rp136m
• GIAA $50.1jt vs -$222.3jt
• BBRI Rp18.28t vs Rp18.03t
• BABP Rp7.64m vs -Rp19.6m
• BTPN Rp1.37t vs Rp1.42t


• ASII Rp11.99t vs Rp14.49t
• ACST Rp12.9m vs Rp69.1m
• BSDE Rp1.73t vs Rp3.22t
• DUTI Rp424m vs Rp497m
• MIRA -Rp24.3m vs -Rp403jt
• ANJT -$7.69jt vs $17.00jt
• HEXA $1.29jt vs $7.75jt
• PWON Rp1.17t vs Rp1.31t
• TINS Rp10.5m vs Rp455m
• CENT -Rp32.9m vs -Rp28.3m
• FAST Rp72.3m vs Rp118m
• BUKK Rp21.3m vs Rp53.8m
• IMJS Rp78.9m vs Rp135m
• JSMR Rp961m vs Rp1.06t
• TSPC Rp519m vs Rp548m
• LSIP Rp469m vs Rp706m
• SIMP Rp74m vs Rp568m
• ELSA Rp226m vs Rp288m
• LEAD $265rb vs $16.83jt
• KKGI $4.11jt vs $7.97jt
• BNLI Rp205m vs Rp235m
• SMGR Rp3.19t vs Rp4.08t
• EXCL -Rp506m vs -Rp837m
• AALI Rp145m vs Rp1.88t
• AUTO Rp179m vs Rp641m
• ASGR Rp160m vs Rp174m
• SONA Rp38.7m vs Rp105m
• BDMN Rp1.89t vs Rp2.11t
• BVIC Rp108m vs Rp132m
• BNBR -Rp604m vs Rp20.4m
• KICI Rp3.11m vs Rp5.94m
• INCO $51.8jt vs $130.3jt
• BJTM Rp696m vs Rp743m
• PTBA Rp1.50t vs Rp1.58t
• BBNI Rp5.99t vs Rp7.61t

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