Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Bersih Emiten 1Q16 vs 1Q15

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Bersih Emiten 1Q16 vs 1Q15:

▪ BBCA Rp4.51t vs Rp4.06t
▪ PTBA Rp332m vs Rp340m
▪ WTON Rp50.2m vs Rp17.0m
▪ PNBN Rp574m vs Rp588m
▪ PNBS Rp2.67m vs Rp18.5m
▪ BJBR Rp446m vs Rp385m
▪ BABP Rp2.07m vs Rp0.82m
▪ KINO Rp71.7m vs Rp41.2m
▪ TPIA $35.3jt vs $2.69jt
▪ ROTI Rp86.3m vs Rp66.5m
▪ SMSM Rp91.7m vs Rp74.3m
▪ KKGI $2.50jt vs $1.42jt
▪ ACST Rp19.3m vs Rp12.1m
▪ BDMN Rp813m vs Rp687m
▪ NISP Rp457m vs Rp372m
▪ HMSP Rp3.12t vs Rp2.89t
▪ ASII Rp3.11t vs Rp3.99t
▪ UNTR Rp730m vs Rp1.64t
▪ BNBR Rp165m vs -Rp312m
▪ LPPF Rp244m vs Rp185m
▪ BNII Rp444m vs Rp256m
▪ WOMF Rp20.7m vs Rp1.11m
▪ AALI Rp417m vs Rp156m
▪ AKRA Rp255m vs Rp295m
▪ BBTN Rp491m vs Rp402m
▪ BNLI -Rp376m vs Rp567m
▪ BJTM Rp313m vs Rp257m
▪ UNVR Rp1.57t vs Rp1.59t
▪ AUTO Rp80.7m vs Rp87.4m
▪ ADRO $152 jt vs $178 jt
▪ PPRO Rp90.6m vs Rp80.3m
▪ BTPN Rp429m vs Rp480m
▪ EXCL Rp169m vs -Rp758m
▪ MARI Rp8.75m vs Rp5.87m
▪ TLKM Rp4.59t vs Rp3.81t
▪ GIAA $1.02jt vs $11.39jt
▪ BAJA Rp5.89m vs -Rp4.35m
▪ BBNI Rp2.97t vs Rp2.82t

SOURCE : copasan dari GRUP WA (bp. Krisna/YJ)

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