Laba 1H14 vs 1H13 Emiten:

JSMR Rp811m vs Rp761m

PTBA Rp1,15t vs Rp870m

BBTN Rp539m vs Rp673m

TOTL Rp69m vs Rp111m

APLN Rp355m vs Rp447m

SCMA Rp815m vs Rp632m

GIAA -$212jt vs -$10,9jt

BTPN Rp996m vs Rp1,10t

JPRS Rp4,1m vs Rp9,4m

CINT Rp15,4m vs Rp13,6m

GDST Rp23m vs Rp52m

Source : LS

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