Jadwal perubahan #MSCI & #FTSE

• 03 September 2018 : MSCI August 2018 Quarterly Index Review : Announcement date: August 13, 2018, Effective date: September 3, 2018‼

MSCI Global Standard Indexes List :
Deletions : AKRA

MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes List
Additions : AKRA
Deletions: PTBA, NIKL

• 21 September 2018 : FTSE Global Equity Index Series Asia Pacific Ex Japan September 2018 Semi-Annual Review (The changes will be effective after the close of business on Friday, 21 September 2018/i.e. on Monday, 24 September 2018)‼

Large Cap
Inclusions : INKP
Exclusions : INDF, INTP, KLBF

Mid Cap
Inclusions : INTP, INDF, KLBF

Small Cap
Inclusions : TKIM, TOPS, TRAM

FTSE All World (LM)
Inclusions : INKP

FTSE All Cap (LMS)
Inclusions : TKIM, TOPS, TRAM

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1H18 vs 1H17

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1H18 vs 1H17

• BBRI Rp14.89t vs Rp13.42t
• BMRI Rp12.18t vs Rp9.46t
• BBCA Rp11.42t vs Rp10.53t
• BBNI Rp7.44t vs Rp6.41t
• BDMN Rp2.01t vs Rp2.04t
• BNGA Rp1.77t vs Rp1.38t
• BBTN Rp1.42t vs Rp1.27t
• NISP Rp1.33t vs Rp1.13t
• PNBN Rp1.28t vs Rp1.34t
• BTPN Rp1.09t vs Rp935m
• BNII Rp933m vs Rp998m
• BJBR Rp901m vs Rp826m
• PNLF Rp763m vs Rp811m
• BJTM Rp758m vs Rp675m
• BFIN Rp703m vs Rp526m
• SMMA Rp557m vs Rp637m
• PNIN Rp452m vs Rp506m
• SDRA Rp299m vs Rp222m
• BNLI Rp289m vs Rp620m
• TURI Rp280m vs Rp220m
• BBKP Rp259m vs Rp125m
• BSIM Rp225m vs Rp124m
• CFIN Rp146m vs Rp105m
• AGRO Rp131m vs Rp50.19m
• BRIS Rp120m vs Rp70.66m
• BABP Rp98.70m vs -Rp51.42m
• MCOR Rp39.04m vs Rp49.99m
• NOBU Rp22.52m vs Rp14.24m
• PNBS Rp8.04m vs Rp15.01m
• BBHI -Rp19.12m vs Rp5.21m
• BEKS -Rp67.73m vs -Rp42.26m
• BHIT -Rp424m vs Rp12.96m
• WOMF audit

• TLKM Rp8.69t vs Rp12.10t
• TOWR Rp1.08t vs Rp1.09t
• SCMA Rp844m vs Rp839m
• MNCN Rp636m vs Rp775m
• BMTR Rp247m vs Rp314m
• KREN Rp165m vs Rp151m
• MTDL Rp115m vs Rp97.84m
• MSIN Rp114m vs Rp69.67m
• ASGR Rp87.96m vs Rp71.50m
• MLPT Rp32.38m vs Rp39.05m
• BALI Rp27.17m vs Rp18.65m
• MARI Rp17.73m vs Rp22.13m
• EXCL -Rp81.74m vs Rp143m
• MSKY -Rp137m vs -Rp201m
• EMTK -Rp365m vs Rp215m
• BTEL -Rp540m vs -Rp588m
• ISAT -Rp694m vs Rp784m
• FREN audit

• HMSP Rp6.11t vs Rp6.05t
• UNVR Rp3.53t vs Rp3.62t
• ICBP Rp2.29t vs Rp2.09t
• INDF Rp1.96t vs Rp2.24t
• KLBF Rp1.21t vs Rp1.22t
• MYOR Rp736m vs Rp548m
• MLBI Rp464m vs Rp645m
• ULTJ Rp359m vs Rp383m
• TSPC Rp339m vs Rp338m
• SIDO Rp292m vs Rp245m
• STTP Rp133m vs Rp79.33m
• KAEF Rp122m vs Rp95.07m
• DVLA Rp108m vs Rp121m
• FAST Rp102m vs Rp75.75m
• TCID Rp93.67m vs Rp98.42m
• PZZA Rp81.93m vs Rp49.49m
• KINO Rp71.73m vs Rp23.81m
• HOKI Rp50.48m vs Rp45.23m
• ROTI Rp39.97m vs Rp49.84m
• CAMP Rp32.48 vs Rp9.98m
• CLEO Rp27.73m vs Rp17.28m
• ADES Rp21.61m vs Rp13.04m
• WIIM Rp18.49m vs Rp11.57m
• SKLT Rp14.08m vs Rp8.39m
• MICE Rp12.07m vs Rp7.72m
• INAF Rp253jt vs -Rp53.54m

• LPPF Rp1.34t vs Rp1.34t
• MAPI Rp491m vs Rp175m
• RALS Rp486m vs Rp369m
• ERAA Rp435m vs Rp139m
• ACES Rp426m vs Rp328m
• TELE Rp301m vs Rp231m
• AMRT Rp218m vs Rp75.57m
• DNET Rp85.29m vs Rp30.87m
• MAPB Rp56.75m vs Rp20.63m
• MIDI Rp53.78m vs Rp34.33m
• MCAS Rp45.10m vs Rp3.84m
• HERO Rp34.29m vs Rp71.38m
• CSAP Rp30.31m vs Rp40.37m
• RANC Rp21.28m vs Rp18.54m
• MKNT Rp16.41m vs Rp19.36m
• ECII Rp8.09m vs -Rp11.91m
• KIOS Rp4.76m vs Rp2.92m
• MDRN -Rp8.48m vs -Rp654m
• MPPA -Rp262m vs -Rp169m
• MLPL -Rp713m vs -Rp323m

• ELTY Rp3.06t vs Rp32.05m
• PWON Rp1.13t vs Rp900m
• MKPI Rp558m vs Rp602m
• DUTI Rp460m vs Rp278m
• JRPT Rp442m vs Rp511m
• BSDE Rp409m vs Rp2.01t
• MTLA Rp234m vs Rp112m
• PPRO Rp180m vs Rp160m
• CTRA Rp176m vs Rp339m
• DILD Rp142m vs Rp234m
• DMAS Rp93.78m vs Rp121m
• PJAA Rp78.67m vs Rp106m
• GWSA Rp70.29m vs Rp42.82m
• APLN Rp61.80m vs Rp696m
• IKAI Rp60.03m vs -Rp20.48m
• ARMY Rp30.85m vs Rp763jt
• KPIG Rp5.69m vs Rp2.65m
• RBMS Rp278jt vs -Rp2.73m
• NIRO -Rp6.67m vs -Rp16.13m
• SSIA -Rp56.00m vs Rp1.23t
• KIJA -Rp244m vs Rp179m
• BEST limited review
• MDLN limited review
• SMRA audit

• WSKT Rp2.99t vs Rp1.28t
• WSBP Rp691m vs Rp436m
• WIKA Rp517m vs Rp436m
• PTPP Rp479m vs Rp572m
• PPRE Rp195m vs Rp28.17m
• WEGE Rp181m vs Rp106m
• WTON Rp160m vs Rp137m
• TOTL Rp123m vs Rp127m
• ACST Rp73.44m vs Rp64.16m
• NRCA Rp53.61m vs Rp107m
• IDPR Rp16.25m vs Rp67.27m
• MTRA Rp5.10m vs Rp7.39m
• DGIK Rp4.48m vs Rp15.75m

• AKRA Rp1.13t vs Rp584m
• JSMR Rp1.04t vs Rp1.02t
• SMGR Rp971m vs Rp1.09t
• INTP Rp355m vs Rp902m
• BUKK Rp194m vs Rp131m
• SMBR Rp24.09m vs Rp60.52m
• BNBR -Rp1.06t vs -Rp401m
• META audit

• ASII Rp10.38t vs Rp9.34t
• UNTR Rp5.48t vs Rp3.42t
• MPMX Rp4.21t vs Rp323m
• SMSM Rp221m vs Rp212m
• AUTO Rp206m vs Rp198m
• IMAS Rp37.29m vs -Rp340m
• KOBX $1.53jt vs $806rb
• GDYR $1.02jt vs -$2.29jt
• BOGA Rp1.26m vs Rp4.68m
• MASA $461rb vs -$2.34jt
• GJTL -Rp93.88m vs -Rp41.18m
• INTA -Rp110m vs Rp17.10m

• INKP $340jt vs $171jt
• TKIM $148jt vs $4.22jt
• SRIL $56.33jt vs $33.59jt
• INDR $23.52jt vs $6.05jt
• PBID Rp138m vs Rp96.09m
• WOOD Rp113m vs Rp91.79m
• SCCO Rp109m vs Rp121m
• ARNA Rp69.62m vs Rp61.54m
• KBLI Rp54.02m vs Rp222m
• JECC Rp49.49m vs Rp52.95m
• AGII Rp42.10m vs Rp37.92m
• BOLT Rp39.77m vs Rp56.58m
• FPNI $1.93jt vs $1.95jt
• VOKS Rp24.98m vs Rp68.22m
• BUDI Rp15.46m vs Rp26.18m
• ISSP Rp13.08m vs Rp24.96m
• INRU $760rb vs -$2.74jt
• CINT Rp6.61m vs Rp9.46m
• KBLM Rp2.42m vs Rp6.38m
• JPRS Rp2.08m vs -Rp5.33m
• NIKL -$1.50jt vs -$502rb
• KRAS -$16.01jt vs -$56.70jt

• GMFI $20.12 jt vs $20.84jt
• ABMM $15.27jt vs $26.51jt
• MIKA Rp321m vs Rp353m
• EPMT Rp284m vs Rp244m
• BIRD Rp190m vs Rp193m
• HITS $7.54jt vs $2.99jt
• ASSA Rp75.64m vs Rp46.89m
• HEAL Rp70.04m vs Rp70.60m
• LTLS Rp64.30m vs Rp84.95m
• IPCM Rp61.39m vs Rp50.89m
• SHIP $4.08jt vs $4.08jt
• SOCI $4.04jt vs $11.02jt
• BLTA $4.03jt vs $1.98jt
• SAME Rp47.73m vs Rp46.57m
• TMAS Rp32.33m vs -Rp13.09m
• PSSI $4.12jt vs $208rb
• TPMA $3.65jt vs $1.72jt
• SMDR $3.30jt vs $3.33jt
• SILO -Rp25.06m vs Rp26.86m
• JGLE -Rp29.46m vs -Rp6.96m
• WINS -$4.41jt vs -$8.66jt
• TAXI -Rp206m vs -Rp133m
• GIAA -$117jt vs -$282jt
• MBSS limited review

• PTBA Rp2.58t vs Rp1.72t
• ITMG $103jt vs $105jt
• MEDC $41.44jt vs $80.67jt
• MBAP $34.50jt vs $34.28jt
• INCO $29.39jt vs -$21.48jt
• DOID $18.19jt vs $8.67jt
• HRUM $17.17jt vs $22.34jt
• ELSA Rp128m vs Rp14.44m
• ZINC Rp84.86m vs Rp11.12m
• TCPI Rp82.49m vs Rp64.32m
• GTBO $4.96jt vs -$1.17jt
• POWR Rp40.35m vs Rp56.07m
• ESSA $3.80jt vs $1.07jt
• TRAM $1.72jt vs -$522rb
• SMMT Rp23.83m vs Rp3.72m
• RUIS Rp10.17m vs Rp7.11m
• KKGI $220rb vs $6.81jt
• SIAP -Rp6.28m vs -Rp6.05m
• DEWA -$2.13jt vs $43.39rb
• KBRI -Rp79.98m vs -Rp44.99m
• CNKO -Rp586m vs -Rp65.48m
• ENRG audit
• BRPT audit
• BRMS limited review
• PTRO limited review
• INDY limited review

• CPIN Rp2.43t vs Rp1.52t
• CPRO Rp1.94t vs -Rp2.25t
• JPFA Rp1.11t vs Rp450m
• AALI Rp784m vs Rp1.02t
• FASW Rp439m vs Rp181m
• TBLA Rp349m vs Rp502m
• LSIP Rp225m vs Rp428m
• MAIN Rp121m vs Rp26.93m
• SGRO Rp88.48m vs Rp148m
• SIMP Rp57.10m vs Rp314m
• DPUM Rp46.95m vs Rp77.74m
• SULI $1.63jt vs $1.19jt
• BWPT Rp12.93m vs -Rp124m
• BISI Rp9.50m vs Rp87.80m
• DSFI Rp4.32m vs Rp6.81m
• SIPD Rp4.04m vs -Rp236m
• PCAR -Rp3.62m vs -Rp2.98m
• JAWA -Rp88.44m vs -Rp72.76m
• GZCO -Rp123m vs -Rp123m
• SMAR -Rp187m vs Rp522m

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1Q18 vs 1Q17

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten 1Q18 vs 1Q17

• BMRI Rp5.86t vs Rp4.08t
• BBCA Rp5.51t vs Rp4.99t
• BBNI Rp3.64t vs Rp3.23t
• BDMN Rp1.04t vs Rp1.05t
• BNGA Rp877m vs Rp639m
• BBTN Rp684m vs Rp594m
• PNBN Rp667m vs Rp725m
• NISP Rp663m vs Rp563m
• BTPN Rp535m vs Rp478m
• BNII Rp463m vs Rp490m
• BJBR Rp460m vs Rp449m
• PNLF Rp388m vs Rp409m
• BJTM Rp377m vs Rp340m
• BFIN Rp351m vs Rp254m
• PNIN Rp242m vs Rp257m
• BNLI Rp164m vs Rp453m
• BBKP Rp126m vs Rp115m
• CFIN Rp74.4m vs Rp59.5m
• WOMF Rp54.9m vs Rp27.7m
• MCOR Rp13.9m vs Rp25.4m
• PNBS Rp4.00m vs Rp12.7m
• BBHI Rp971jt vs Rp2.32m
• BEKS -Rp32.4m vs -Rp39.9m

• TLKM Rp5.73t vs Rp6.69t
• TOWR Rp519m vs Rp562m
• LINK Rp266m vs Rp236m
• MTDL Rp64.2m vs Rp45.1m
• ASGR Rp35.0m vs Rp33.5m
• MLPT Rp19.1m vs Rp19.4m
• BALI Rp12.8m vs Rp7.07m
• MARI Rp5.49m vs Rp9.02m
• GOLD Rp1.50m vs -Rp1.04m
• EMTK -Rp206m vs Rp22.6m
• KBLV -Rp551m vs -Rp228m

• HMSP Rp3.03t vs Rp3.29t
• GGRM Rp1.89t vs Rp1.89t
• UNVR Rp1.84t vs Rp1.96t
• ICBP Rp1.21t vs Rp1.09t
• INDF Rp1.19t vs Rp1.17t
• KLBF Rp589m vs Rp588m
• MYOR Rp469m vs Rp361m
• MLBI Rp212m vs Rp302m
• TSPC Rp203m vs Rp207m
• SIDO Rp169m vs Rp127m
• TCID Rp68.1m vs Rp73.0m
• DVLA Rp62.8m vs Rp83.6m
• KAEF Rp37.2m vs Rp29.2m
• KINO Rp32.2m vs Rp3.55m
• ROTI Rp29.0m vs Rp29.9m
• HOKI Rp26.6m vs Rp24.1m
• CAMP Rp18.3m vs Rp9.14m
• CEKA Rp15.7m vs Rp36.0m
• ADES Rp13.5m vs Rp11.1m
• CLEO Rp12.6m vs Rp8.69m
• WIIM Rp10.4m vs Rp18.9m
• RMBA -Rp252m vs -Rp68.9m

• MAPI Rp351m vs Rp58.6m
• LPPF Rp247m vs Rp244m
• ACES Rp209m vs Rp154m
• ERAA Rp205m vs Rp65.4m
• AMRT Rp121m vs Rp73.3m
• MAPB Rp30.9m vs Rp15.3m
• MCAS Rp21.9m vs Rp925jt
• MIDI Rp20.7m vs Rp18.4m
• CSAP Rp20.5m vs Rp31.0m
• RALS Rp14.7m vs Rp2.87m
• RANC Rp9.72m vs Rp6.81m
• MKNT Rp7.12m vs Rp6.17m
• KIOS Rp2.38m vs Rp2.92m
• HERO -Rp4.13m vs -Rp6.19m
• DNET -Rp32.5m vs -Rp32.4m
• MPPA -Rp160m vs -Rp177m
• DWGL -Rp367m vs -Rp56.9m

• PWON Rp563m vs Rp349m
• MKPI Rp358m vs Rp312m
• JRPT Rp239m vs Rp256m
• CTRA Rp125m vs Rp216m
• PPRO Rp95.3m vs Rp91.2m
• BEST Rp93.5m vs Rp83.4m
• MTLA Rp88.6m vs Rp65.3m
• LPCK Rp80.8m vs Rp185m
• RIMO Rp59.7m vs -Rp2.01t
• SMRA Rp41.8m vs Rp71.9m
• PJAA Rp39.8m vs Rp39.8m
• ARNA Rp39.4m vs Rp39.4m
• GWSA Rp36.7m vs Rp38.1m
• MMLP Rp27.0m vs Rp19.5m
• APLN Rp20.1m vs Rp49.4m
• MARK Rp18.0m vs Rp5.81m
• KIJA Rp15.1m vs Rp54.7m
• RBMS Rp4.38m vs -Rp4.33m
• DMAS Rp2.85m vs Rp123m
• NIRO Rp2.38m vs -Rp8.09m
• IKAI -Rp4.77m vs -Rp4.56m
• SSIA -Rp8.79m vs Rp3.10m

• WSKT Rp1.52t vs Rp368m
• WSBP Rp511m vs Rp194m
• WIKA Rp171m vs Rp245m
• ADHI Rp73.3m vs Rp19.1m
• TOTL Rp73.3m vs Rp63.7m
• WTON Rp57.6m vs Rp51.0m
• NRCA Rp41.3m vs Rp20.6m
• ACST Rp38.9m vs Rp30.6m
• IDPR Rp14.8m vs Rp33.4m
• BTON Rp8.49m vs Rp1.85m
• MTRA Rp3.36m vs Rp4.61m

• AKRA Rp929m vs Rp258m
• JSMR Rp583m vs Rp547m
• INTP Rp264m vs Rp491m
• CMNP Rp176m vs Rp146m
• BUKK Rp88.0m vs Rp38.9m
• META Rp41.3m vs Rp43.0m
• SMBR Rp12.7m vs Rp32.0m
• KARW $407rb vs $694rb
• LAPD -Rp9.43m vs -Rp6.77m
• BNBR -Rp337m vs -Rp155m

• ASII Rp4.98t vs Rp5.08t
• UNTR Rp2.53t vs Rp1.50t
• AUTO Rp146m vs Rp147m
• TURI Rp141m vs Rp105m
• SMSM Rp119m vs Rp112m
• CARS Rp60.6m vs Rp44.8m
• IMAS Rp60.2m vs -Rp166m
• GJTL Rp51.8m vs Rp216m
• BOGA Rp1.64m vs Rp2.01m
• KOBX $1.20jt vs $525rb
• MASA -$35.6rb vs -$309rb
• INTA -Rp36.4m vs Rp35.6m

• INKP $155jt vs $85.8jt
• TKIM $47.4jt vs $7.71jt
• FASW Rp326m vs Rp147m
• TOTO Rp83.4m vs Rp74.1m
• PBID Rp78.1m vs Rp56.9m
• WOOD Rp56.9m vs Rp53.8m
• JECC Rp39.0m vs Rp42.4m
• KBLI Rp38.4m vs Rp63.5m
• BOLT Rp26.2m vs Rp30.7m
• SPMA Rp13.6m vs Rp28.4m
• IGAR Rp12.2m vs Rp14.4m
• ISSP Rp11.7m vs Rp14.5m
• SRSN Rp8.32m vs -Rp434jt
• FPNI $255rb vs $1.66jt
• NIKL $90.4rb vs -$506rb
• INRU -$1.04jt vs -$4.02jt
• KRAS -$4.86jt vs -$20.7jt
• KBRI -Rp37.7m vs -Rp16.8m

• MIKA Rp166m vs Rp185m
• EPMT Rp115m vs Rp90.0m
• BIRD Rp98.9m vs Rp117m
• MPMX Rp59.8m vs Rp129m
• IMJS Rp49.8m vs Rp38.3m
• ASSA Rp41.1m vs Rp22.9m
• IPCM Rp34.3m vs Rp30.8m
• TMAS Rp33.8m vs Rp11.5m
• SONA Rp32.8m vs Rp15.9m
• PRDA Rp32.5m vs Rp32.3m
• CASS Rp22.0m vs Rp31.2m
• SAME Rp21.1m vs Rp22.6m
• PSSI $2.65jt vs -$1.08jt
• BLTA $2.45jt vs $1.47jt
• SHIP $2.03jt vs $2.15jt
• SMDR $1.74jt vs $1.57jt
• SOCI $1.34jt vs $5.57jt
• SILO Rp493jt vs Rp40.4m
• JGLE -Rp11.7m vs -Rp16.2m
• BLTZ -Rp12.1m vs -Rp6.95m
• DYAN -Rp12.5m vs -Rp12.5m
• WINS -$1.31jt vs -$3.98jt
• LEAD -$3.28jt vs -$3.23jt
• MBSS -$5.49jt vs -$2.56jt

• BYAN $122jt vs $52.9jt
• PTBA Rp1.45t vs Rp871m
• BUMI $90.2jt vs $88.0jt
• PGAS $80.3jt vs $96.8jt
• ADRO $74.4jt vs $97.1jt
• INDY $58.4jt vs $22.1jt
• MDKA $25.1jt vs -$1.74jt
• POWR $22.9jt vs $27.5jt
• MBAP $22.2jt vs $17.3jt
• ANTM Rp245m vs Rp6.63m
• HRUM $12.6jt vs $12.4jt
• DOID $10.4jt vs $23.7jt
• INCO $6.84jt vs -$6.16jt
• MYOH $5.81jt vs $3.39jt
• ELSA Rp70.9m vs Rp5.18m
• TINS Rp54.5m vs Rp66.5m
• ZINC Rp54.4m vs Rp16.9m
• MITI Rp17.1m vs -Rp1.29m
• PTRO $1.49jt vs $2.47jt
• SMMT Rp13.7m vs Rp4.42m
• KKGI $897rb vs $4.45jt
• RAJA $516rb vs $1.66jt
• TRAM $431rb vs $224rb
• KOPI -Rp13.6m vs Rp5.18m
• BRMS -$4.69jt vs -$5.87jt

• CPIN Rp996m vs Rp626m
• JPFA Rp433m vs Rp73.4m
• AALI Rp355m vs Rp790m
• TBLA Rp202m vs Rp267m
• LSIP Rp116m vs Rp328m
• SIMP Rp111m vs Rp284m
• SMAR Rp81.8m vs Rp353m
• MAIN Rp50.4m vs Rp24.6m
• BISI Rp32.8m vs Rp76.2m
• DPUM Rp21.5m vs Rp49.2m
• SULI $2.03jt vs $1.45jt
• SGRO Rp15.3m vs Rp117m
• SKLT Rp4.10m vs Rp3.14m
• DSFI Rp2.72m vs Rp3.04m
• SIPD -Rp8.23m vs -Rp207m
• ANJT -$1.17jt vs $23.9jt
• GZCO -Rp56.7m vs -Rp38.4m
• BWPT -Rp76.4m vs -Rp16.2m
source : anonim – grup WA.

ALERT on, mulai dekati support #kafein 6210

#IDX-6243 (-45pts -0.73%) mulai mendekati support bullish #kafein 6210 (diulas di MARKET OUTLOOK 2018), sebagai last support bullish, semoga support ini mampu mempertahankan tekanan jual pada #IDX yg sudah terjadi dari awal Maret ini.

Penembusan level krusial ini (6210) akan mematahkan tren sideways-naik yg tadinya berpeluang setelah #IDX sempat kembali sentuh / lewati peak 6661, dengan berbalik menjadi sideways-negatif (datar dengan kecenderungan koreksi) hingga bearish. Level berikutnya lagi yg diuji adalah dikisaran level psikologis 6000.

Tapi sebaliknya jika mampu bertahan di 6210, maka #IDX ada potensi uji 6426 hingga 6516, tapi tetap rekomendasinya adalah : SELL hingga REDUCE.

Sentimen2 yg layak dicermati :
(1)publikasi laporan keuangan FY-2017,
(2)mendekati LK Q1-2018 dan
(3) pengumuman pembagian alokasi deviden tahun 2018.

#IDX mampukah capai #6500

publish on 17:55

TAK LELAH, #MARKET terus menanjak, walau masih belum mampu break high(6445)

, #IDX pada akhirnya ditutup pada level 6429 +47pts +0.74% [Hi-6429, Lo-6381], ditopang oleh seluruh sektor MENGUAT dan TOP GAIN-LOSS 207:159 dgn value market 8.271T (diatas rata-rata 6T-7T).

TOP sektor NAIK, terdapat pada sektor : #INFRA +1.95%, #BASIC IND +1.71%, #MINING +1.11%, #AGRI +0.94%, #PROPERTY +0.69%, #FINANCE, #MISC IND +0.5%, #CONS GOODS +0.31% dan #TRADE +0.1%.

TOP VALUE SECTOR terdapat pada sektor :: #FINANCE 2.3T, #MINING 1.5T, #INFRA 1.2T, #PROPERTY 814M, #TRADE 737M dan #CONS GOODS 724M.

Terdapat 20 TOP VALUE SAHAM, dimana 18 saham NAIK dan 2saham TURUN. (note: inilah kali pertama kembali terdapat 20 TOP VALUE SAHAM)

Semakin mendekati resisten psikologis 6500, setelah capai resisten 6200. Dan inilah saham2 yang berpotensi jadi trigger untuk kenaikan #IDX : #UNVR, #TLKM, #HMSP, #GGRM, #BBRI #BMRI dan/atau #BBNI.


#TLKM-4210, berbalik menguat setelah tergerus dan keluar dari range 4180-4150, TLKM berhasil comeback again diatas level 4200, yg mana biasanya bergerak dalam rentang 4250-4180.

#SMGR-10625, SMGR tertahan di low sebelumnya 10450 (walau koreksi hingga 10100 juga masih terbilang OK), SMGR hari ini berhasil menutup penurunan kemarin dgn volume yg meningkat dari jam 14:30 dan jika terus menguat, maka SMGR sedang menyelesaikan handle dari formasi “CUP and Handle”nya. WATCH BUY

#UNVR-55000, tertahan dengan baik diatas MA20-54095 dan juga support 53500. Apakah UNVR akan menjadi penutup #IDX untuk capai resist psikologis 6500.

#TBLA-1195, volume yg besar dan tertahan di support 1165 (STOP LOSS), TBLA tampaknya layak dicermati karena selisih gain:loss nya cukup menarik 1250 +5.4% :1165 -1.6%. Indikatornya juga terus menguat, hanya menunggu volume besar/bandar saja. STRONG BUY

#WSBP-438, berhasil capai resist 440 dan juga berhasil menjauh dari level 424 ? Bentuk support naik saat ini jadi 424-420, selama tidak terkoreksi dari level ini, maka power WSBP masih sangat strong.

#BWPT-232, BWPT mendapat power buy di range 217-230. Mampukah BWPT kembali jadikan 238 sbg support naiknya yg baru ?? WATCH

#PGAS-1880, sama seperti BWPT, PGAS juga mendapatkan power buy pada range 1840-1870, tapi terakhir ini PGAS tertahan tak bisa melewati range 1880-1900. WATCH-SELL

Pola Investasi : SELL-TRADE [27 DES] from TRADE & REDUCE

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