10 Negara Dengan Cadangan Minyak Terbesar

1. Khuzestan. Iran. 100 Milyar Barrel?
2. North Slope, Alaska. 40 miliar barrel
3. Ghawar. Arab Saudi. 30 Milyar Barrel.
4. Khurais. Arab Saudi. 27 Milyar Barrel.
5. Qurna Barat. Irak. 21 Milyar Barrel.
6. Rumaila. Irak. 17 Milyar Barrel.
7. Carabobo. Venezuela. 15 Milyar Barrel.
8. Majnoon. Irak. 13 Milyar Barrel.
9. Kashagan. Kazakhstan. 9 Milyar Barrel.
10. Tupi. Brasil. 8 Milyar Barrel.


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