Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten FY19 vs FY18

Rekap Laba (-Rugi) Emiten FY19 vs FY18
update : 20 APR 2020

• BBRI Rp34.4t vs Rp32.3t
• BBCA Rp28.5t vs Rp25.8t
• BMRI Rp27.5t vs Rp25.0t
• BBNI Rp15.4t vs Rp15.0t
• BDMN Rp4.07t vs Rp3.92t
• BNGA Rp3.64t vs Rp3.48t
• PNBN Rp3.32t vs Rp3.11t
• NISP Rp2.94t vs Rp2.64t
• BTPN Rp2.57t vs Rp1.84t
• MEGA Rp2.00t vs Rp1.59t
• BNII Rp1.84t vs Rp2.19t
• BNLI Rp1.58t vs Rp941m
• BJBR Rp1.56t vs Rp1.55t
• BTPS Rp1.39t vs Rp965m
• BJTM Rp1.38t vs Rp1.26t
• BFIN Rp712m vs Rp1.47m
• WOMF Rp259m vs Rp215m
• BBKP Rp216m vs Rp189m
• BBTN Rp209m vs Rp2.81t
• MCOR Rp78.9m vs Rp89.9m
• BRIS Rp74.0m vs Rp107m
• AGRO Rp51.1m vs Rp204m
• PNBS Rp13.2m vs Rp20.8m
• BEKS -Rp137m vs -Rp100m

• MNCN Rp2.35t vs Rp1.61t
• TOWR Rp2 34t vs Rp2.20t
• ISAT Rp1.57t vs -Rp2.40t
• TBIG Rp819m vs Rp680m
• EXCL Rp712m vs -Rp3.29t
• MTDL Rp357m vs Rp288m
• ASGR Rp251m vs Rp270m
• MSIN Rp211m vs Rp210m
• MLPT Rp137m vs Rp99.7m
• FILM Rp60.9m vs Rp109m
• BALI Rp46.0m vs Rp50.3m
• FREN -Rp2.19t vs -Rp3.55t

• HMSP Rp13.7t vs Rp13.5t
• GGRM Rp10.9t vs Rp7.79t
• UNVR Rp7.39t vs Rp9.08t
• ICBP Rp5.04t vs Rp4.57t
• INDF Rp4.91t vs Rp4.17t
• KLBF Rp2.51t vs Rp2.46t
• MYOR Rp1.99t vs Rp1.72t
• MLBI Rp1.20t vs Rp1.22t
• ULTJ Rp1.03t vs Rp698m
• SIDO Rp808m vs Rp664m
• TSPC Rp554m vs Rp512m
• KINO Rp520m vs Rp150m
• ROTI Rp301m vs Rp173m
• DVLA Rp222m vs Rp201m
• CLEO Rp131m vs Rp63.3m
• HOKI Rp104m vs Rp90.2m
• KAEF -Rp12.7m vs Rp491m

• LPPF Rp1.37t vs Rp1.09t
• AMRT Rp1.11t vs Rp650m
• MAPI Rp933m vs Rp736m
• MAPA Rp693m vs Rp353m
• ERAA Rp295m vs Rp850m
• PZZA Rp200m vs Rp173m
• MIDI Rp203m vs Rp159m
• MAPB Rp166m vs Rp111m
• HERO Rp70.6m vs -Rp1.25t
• RANC Rp56.3m vs Rp50.8m

• BSDE Rp2.79t vs Rp1.29t
• DMAS Rp1.33t vs Rp496m
• CTRA Rp1.16t vs Rp1.18t
• DUTI Rp1.10t vs Rp911m
• SMRA Rp515m vs Rp449m
• MTLA Rp487m vs Rp482m
• MDLN Rp410m vs Rp25.3m
• BEST Rp380m vs Rp423m
• PPRO Rp343m vs Rp471m
• DILD Rp251m vs Rp204m
• PJAA Rp230m vs Rp223m
• SSIA Rp92.3m vs Rp37.7m

• WIKA Rp2.28t vs Rp1.73t
• WSKT Rp938m vs Rp3.96t
• PTPP Rp930m vs Rp1.50t
• WSBP Rp806m vs Rp1.10t
• ADHI Rp664m vs Rp644m
• WTON Rp512m vs Rp486m
• WEGE Rp452m vs Rp444m
• PPRE Rp439m vs Rp432m
• TOTL Rp176m vs Rp209m
• NRCA Rp101m vs Rp118m
• ACST -Rp1.14t vs Rp18m

• SMGR Rp2.39t vs Rp3.08t
• INTP Rp1.83t vs Rp1.14t
• PGAS $67.6jt vs $305jt
• BNBR Rp853m vs -Rp1.26t
• AKRA Rp714m vs Rp711m
• SMCB Rp499m vs -Rp828m
• BUKK Rp492m vs Rp561m
• IPCM Rp90.0m vs Rp72.8m

• ASII Rp21.7t vs Rp21.6t
• UNTR Rp11.3t vs Rp11.1t
• AUTO Rp739m vs Rp611m
• BOGA Rp9.81m vs Rp11.6m

• INKP $274jt vs $588jt
• TKIM $167jt vs $246jt
• SRIL $87.6jt vs $84.5jt
• FASW Rp969m vs Rp1.40t
• BRPT $44.1jt vs $72.2jt
• TPIA $22.9jt vs $181.6jt
• PBID Rp223m vs Rp294m
• ISSP Rp186m vs Rp48.7m
• NIKL $2.68jt vs -$1.54jt
• ESSA $2.64jt vs $33.9jt

• MIKA Rp730m vs Rp613m
• BIRD Rp314m vs Rp457m
• HEAL Rp255m vs Rp124m
• PRDA Rp210m vs Rp175m
• GIAA $6.98jt vs -$231jt
• TMAS Rp92.9m vs Rp34.5m
• MBSS $1.59jt vs -$17.1jt
• GMFI -$3.18jt vs $11.1jt
• SAME -Rp114m vs Rp58.8m
• TAXI -Rp275m vs -Rp836m
• SMDR -$38.4jt vs $7.29jt

• ADRO $404jt vs $418jt
• PTBA Rp4.06t vs Rp5.02t
• ITMG $129jt vs $262jt
• MDKA $70.8jt vs Rp52.5jt
• INCO $57.4jt vs $60.5jt
• PTRO $31.2jt vs $22.9jt
• ENRG $28.0jt vs -$12.7jt
• DOID $20.5jt vs $75.6jt
• HRUM $18.5jt vs $31.8jt
• ELSA Rp356m vs Rp276m
• ANTM Rp194m vs Rp1.64t
• BUMI $6.84jt vs $220jt
• BRMS $1.28jt vs -$103jt
• INDY -$18.2jt vs $80.1jt
• TINS -Rp611m vs Rp132m

• JPFA Rp1.76t vs Rp2.17t
• SMAR Rp899m vs Rp597m
• LSIP Rp254m vs Rp331m
• AALI Rp211m vs Rp1.44t
• SGRO Rp33.1m vs Rp55.5m
• SIMP -Rp546m vs -Rp76.5m

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